Booking with In2thewild

  • Availability may be subject to change if payment is delayed.
  • A booking can only be confirmed by receipt of the required deposit.
  • There is no contract between the Company and the client until the Company has received the full payment.
  • The Company reserve the right to amend/cancel/add terms & conditions without notice.
  • All terms & conditions are subject to Indian Law & Jurisdiction.
  • The Company has the right at any time and for any reason:
    • To cancel the contract prior to the date of departure and if it does so, its liability shall be limited to refunding all monies paid by the Client without payment of any interest.
    • To amend, alter, vary or withdraw any tour, adventure activity, holiday, excursion or facility, it has advertised or published or to substitute an independent contractor (including hotel) of similar class if it is deemed advisable or necessary. In either case, the Company shall not be liable for any damage, additional expense or consequential loss suffered by the clients or for any compensation claim.
    • To refuse admission to unruly participants who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or any banned substances.
  • It is all guests responsibility to have the correct travel / medical insurance.
  • Some of the activities require some physical exertion and all medical conditions need to be disclosed.
  • IN2THEWILD cannot be responsible for any improper services provided by any agency, Airline, Transport, Hotel, any provider of services including guides, for any injury, death, loss or damage which is caused by the act or default of the management or employees of any Hotelier, Airline, Shipping Company, Coach owner/Coach Operator who are the Company’s independent Contractor arising outside our normal selection and inspection process or acts of Government authority, wars, civil/political disturbances, natural calamities (landslides, floods, earthquakes etc), strikes, bandh or any delay or changes of itinerary including extra expenses which the Client may incur as a result of any of the foregoing causes.
  • The Company shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the client or any person travelling with him for:
    • Any death, personal injury, sickness, accident, loss, delay, discomfort, increased expenses, consequential loss, and/or damage or any misadventure howsoever caused.
    • Any act, omission, default of any independent contractor, Hotelier or other person or by any servant or agent employed by them who may be engaged or concerned in the provision of accommodation, refreshment, transport or service for the client or for any person travelling with him howsoever caused.
    • The temporary or permanent loss of or damage to baggage or personal effects howsoever caused. In this condition the expression “howsoever caused” includes negligence on the part of any person.
  • No liability on the part of the Company arising in any way out of this contract in respect of any tour, holiday, excursion facility shall exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the holiday tour, and shall in no case include any consequential loss or additional expense whatsoever.
  • The prices quoted in the itineraries have been calculated at the rate prevailing at the time of sending you the quote. The Company reserves the right to amend the prices quoted to you in its itineraries in case of currency fluctuations, increase in cost of fuel, changes in current tax structure, ticket cost increases, transport cost increases due to change of route necessitated by factors beyond our control, before the date of departure or even during the tour and to surcharge accordingly. Whenever applicable all such increases must be paid in full before departure. This holds good for increase in costs by independent contractors.
  • For the comfort and convenience of our passengers, we will sometimes reverse the direction or slightly amend the itinerary. We will try and advise you of these amendments prior to the start of the tour or on the tour.
  • Any additional stay in the hotel will be on client’s account.
  • Vouchers once issued are non-refundable.

  • We accept payment by credit card or by direct bank transfer.

    Paying by credit card:

  • We accept all major credit cards and do charge 2% as additional credit card surcharge for cards issues in India and up to 8% more for foreign issued cards.
  • Please note – many banks routinely decline international credit card transactions, so please clear your transaction with your issuing bank before attempting payment.

  • Paying by bank transfer:

  • Payment can be made by direct bank transfer (NEFT, wire transfer) into our account in Indian Rupees, but in case of foreign currency please ensure that the currency conversion is done by your bank so that the payment arrives in Indian Rupees.
  • Some banks make use of intermediary banks that deduct fees for routing the money. All transaction costs are for your account, so please indicate all charges for the sender’s account (not shared charges), so that the full amount will appear in our account.

  • Cancellation and Refunds:

  • Notice of cancellation must be made in writing either directly to IN2THEWILD or through your travel agent.
  • The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received.
  • The following scale of charges will be payable depending on when the notification is received.

    Number of days before tour commencement Cancellation charge as % of total price

    • More than 45 days: 25% of the package cost
    • 45-30 days: 50% of the package cost
    • 29-20 days: 75% of the package cost
    • 19 days and below including no-show: 100% of the package cost
    • No refund will be made after our tour has commenced or in respect of any tours, transfers and accommodation or any other services not utilised.

  • Other Terms:

  • Please note that, as much as we crunch numbers, choose the right gate, expert trackers and the trails specifically designed for you for that day, session, gate, no one in the world can guarantee the sightings and it all depends on your luck and of course that is the fun of getting into a wild else we would rather go to a Zoo. In2theWild as a Company in no way will be liable for any sightings in any way. We should all know that we are entering a forest and the sightings all are governed by the laws of nature.
  • In the community likeminded travel sharing, In2theWild will try to bring likeminded people together and we do as much analysis of the travel poster as well as joining members but we will not be liable to any of the issues that might happen during the tour or afterwards and we cannot be held liable or responsible for any of the outcomes of such a contact. We are just a platform to bring like-minded people together and it is up to the involved parties to ensure general common-sense safety tips are followed before agreeing for a trip or before exchanging personal details.
  • The indemnity form must be signed by a Parent/Legal guardian for minors under 18 years.

  • Tips:

  • This trip is for people who enjoy the outdoors and are well aware of the limitations of the outdoors & remote areas.
  • Medical Insurance is recommended. Vaccinations advised for Hepatitis A, Polio, Typhoid and Tetanus. A course of anti-malaria tablets is recommended. Do not touch stray dogs, cats, monkeys, etc.
  • First aid kit: While medicines and aid is readily available, it is good to have an emergency kit of Band-Aids, antiseptic ointment, diarrhoea tablets, anti-allergy tablets, sterile syringes, sutures and needles.
  • Mineral / bottled water of Bisleri brand is recommended for consumption.
  • Carry casual and comfortable and adequate clothing for travelling. Sun hat, sun protection lotions, and other cosmetics as per personal needs. Extra camera film should be carried along with an X-ray- proof bag.
  • One can convert the foreign exchange upon arrival at the airport or in a bank in any of the major cities. Please insist on encashment certificate as this will be helpful in converting Indian currency back to foreign currency.
  • In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complain or experience any problems with your holiday while being on tour, you must immediately inform us. Until we know about a problem or complaint, we cannot begin to resolve it. Most of the problems can be resolved quickly. If you remain dissatisfied, however, you must write to us by giving your booking reference and full details of your complaint.
  • As trade of all species is banned in India, purchase of items such as peacock feathers and any other animal products is forbidden. Similarly, please discourage snake charmers, monkey and bear shows.
  • Use minimum non-bio-degradable material, such as plastics, cans, etc.
  • Tips may be given collectively to ensure fair distribution.
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