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Thanks for traveling my web page. As you’ve probable amassed from the pictures in this web site, I'm an wildlife photographer or more correctly, a photographer who takes photographs (broadly speaking) of wild creatures.

I decided to pursue photography professionally in year XXXX and have reveled in the extra time that this has afforded for 'face-to-face' time with wildlife.

It is no secret anymore that nature on our planet needs to be preserved. Likewise, the time has come to reveal insight into the edges of our globe that are once in a while recorded and even less occasional admired. Photography provides an insight on the underappreciated gems of our globe, photography shows the world what the world needs to see. Our planet is spherical so that it can be travelled around infinitely.

As I strive to create fascinating pictures, I observe and experience many particular things. I record what I see, and when possible, I offer such data, both specifically with scientist companions and on this site for any individual who is intrigued.

What makes this all worthwhile, of course, is the unique experiences I’m fortunate enough to have, and the many wonderful people I have the opportunity to meet and befriend.

To this end, i have a strong preference for going places which can be remote and unexplored, as well as to regions that aren't always difficult to attain, but rather are mysteriously obscure or overlooked. As it were, I'd much preferably visit non-touristy spots than be stuck in a mass-market hotel surrounded by a swarm of vacationers.

I have spent months in the forest & mountains looking for that unique photograph to showcase the rich variety of wildlife and the beautiful landscape that world has to offer.

My dedication to my craft has been rewarded with many publications . My photographs have received numerous awards including the XXX(latest or highest award).

Though my life would possibly appear glamorous and exciting, it’s not continually so. Basically, my days are spent getting to know and arranging trips as far as years in advance, making an investment in new device, and enduring the apparently infinite list of merciless and unjust indignities heaped upon travelers nowadays inside the name of safety and “passenger comfort”.

My weak point, I think, became my penchant for exploration and taking chance. I’ve never been comfortable being comfortable, which in part manifested as my enthusiasm for journeying as often as possible, each for work and throughout whatever day without work I could manage.

I do my best to post thoughts, images and observations from my travels here, so please bookmark this site, or better yet, follow my social media channels.

I also organize trips and adventures, usually with an emphasis on wild photography, and I tend to prefer visiting destinations that are remote, unique and out of the way.

If you’d like to consider joining me on one of my outings, here are some of my upcoming trips.

I additionally send out emails from time to time to provide information on new outings and update previously announced ones. If you’d like to be on my email list, please sign up for my trip newsletter on this page. I don’t send spam, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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